Associate Photographer Agreement

Name *
Phone *
Associate Photographer *
I agree to work with Brent Herrig Photography LLC as an independent contractor. I will agree to a contracted rate of service before the acceptance of the job. Payment is
Equipment *
You must have your own equipment that you are responsible for. A camera, and lenses are required. SD cards will be given to you for use on Brent Herrig Photography LLC shoots.
Copyright & Ownership Of Images *
All rights to images taken for a Brent Herrig Photography LLC Family are the sole property of Brent Herrig Photography LLC. Photos cannot to be used in any manner by the associate photographer until they have been released to and used by the client & blogged by Brent Herrig Photography LLC. At that time edited and delivered files only may be downloaded and used by the associate photographer. The associate must use the following format when crediting the image at all times on all channels (photo by “your name”, for Brent Herrig Photography LLC @brentherrig).
Delivery of Image Cards / Backup Files *
SD cards must be delivered to Brent Herrig Photography LLC within 48 hours of your assignment/session date for back up purposes.
Clients *
All client communication MUST take place on the Honeybook platform with the exception of session day contact in order to arrange meeting place etc. Brent Herrig Photography will handle all client communication. Associate may not work with Brent Herrig Photography LLC clients outside of Brent Herrig Photography.
Non Compete Clause *
Associate agrees that they may not work with clients of Brent Herrig Photography LLC independently of Brent Herrig Photography LLC.
Calendar Updates *
Associate agrees to keep shared google calendar up to date at all times so that Brent Herrig Photography may book assignments appropriately.
Non Disclosure Agreement *
The associate agrees not to share any inside business information that she may be privy to while working under Brent Herrig Photography LLC.
Contract length and negotiations *
Brent Herrig and the associate will evaluate contract on a bi-yearly basis.