Sea Bass served at Saul's in the Brooklyn Museum.


Opening and running a restaurant or bar is hard work. We understand this because we have worked hands on with several restaurants over the past 12 years. As creatives in the food and drinks space we speak your language because that is what who we are.

That's why we offer custom turn key solutions for restaurants like you to tell your stories. Through photography, videography, and a marketing system, we provide a steady stream of scrumptious content and then encourage you to use these visuals to refresh your website, boost your social media, and wow your audience.

There are a lot of people out there doing parts of what we do, but working with us will allow you to focus on your craft while we bring ours to the table. This isn’t for everyone but if you value great work, and are willing to invest in your marketing — not only in the best photography and videography, but in your continuing education as a business owner, you’ve come to the right place.

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People are 'eating with their eyes' more than ever and having great photography has never been more crucial. Social Media for this industry has become an essential and most efficiant way of reaching people. We also understand how overwhelming or difficult it can be to keep up with the constant demand of content and current trends on these platforrms. That's what were for.

We are here to serve you and tell your story. Through our photography subscription, we offer a chance to tell your story and provide you with fresh images on a monthly basis.

Did we mention you own all of your images? Sure thing! You will have full licensing rights to these files, so they are ready to bring new life to your website, social media, marketing, and advertising whenever you need them.


Well I have all this great content now, what do I do with it!? We get it. Restaurants and hospitality is exhausting. Throw in social media and advertising and it’s nearly impossible to keep up if you don’t know what you’re doing.

If you would like some direction with this sort of thing, look to your right for Creative Advisory details. But if ultimately you don’t want to be bothered or have the time to do it yourself, you can happily use us for a full takeover as well.

You can choose to have either your Facebook, Instagram or both taken over by us for either a 6 or 12 month subscription. This would include; 15-20 posts per month added strategically using custom hashtags, imagery, videos or collages to be used on your page or story. Personalized captions and advertisements such as new menus, Happy Hour’s or other special promoting posts and more!

Bar Menu Consultancy

Video Services

Video Drives Action

Putting video on your website increases conversion by 80%. That means a person who lands on your site and sees a video will be 80% more likely to make a reservation or follow you on Instagram or sign up for your email list or stop in for dinner. That's huge!

Video can be a strong way to share your story, in a powerful visual experience. Use us to produce video for you when you need it or you schedule mini video shoots on a regular basis along with your photography subscription.

Cost varies per project.

Creative Advisory

So you have all this beautiful content and just want the world to see it. You’re tech savvy but unfamiliar with the kids these days and whats trendy. No worries! Other than a group of professional photographers and content editors, we are also a team of social influencers. We get what works and doesn’t work and sit down with you discussing a strategy for your business. We’ll cover a complete overview of tips and tricks, when and when not to post and more.

We’ll also recommend any apps or equipment you may want to source for efficient future posting. Benefits from a strong Social Media strategy helps drive more customers to your business and adds to a certain level of professionalism that is often missed with an online presence. This also includes some working time and follow up to actually help you implement what you learn.

Restaurant Menu Consultancy

Custom Services

Need something else that's not above? If it has to do with food, marketing, social media and everything in between, we can help... or we definitely know someone who can.

Prices Vary